Europe and Central Asia

Regional Documents:

  Date Published Title Author
June 16, 2020Policy Actions for Affordable Housing in LatviaOECD
September 2019Hypostat 2019EMF
March 18, 2019Lessons from Introducing Contractual Savings for Housing Schemes in Transition CountriesHans-Joachim Dübel
2018Living and Leaving: Housing, Mobility and Welfare in the European UnionGabriela Inchauste
2018European Covered Bond Fact Book 2018European Covered Bond Council
2017Hypostat 2017EMF
2017Europe and Central Asia Funding Chart
2017Mortgaging Europe's Periphery
August 2016Profitability and Balance Sheet Repair of Italian BanksAndreas (Andy) Jobst and Anke Weber
July 15, 2016Building More HomesPublished by the Authority of the House of Lords
June 9, 2016Norway Country Report No. 16/215IMF
June 9, 2016Germany Country Report No. 16/203IMF
June 2016Denmark Country Report No. 16/185IMF
June 2016Germany IMF Country Report No. 16/203IMF
2016Vulnerabilities in the EU Residential Real Estate SectorEuropean Systemic Risk Board
2016Recommendation of the ESRB on Closing Real Estate Data GapsEuropean Systemic Risk Board
2016Hypostat 2016European Mortgage Federation
2016Importance of Demographics for Housing in the OECD EconomiesPhilip Arestis
2016Hungarian Mortgage Rescue Programs 2009-2016Csizmady, A.
2016Eurostat Urban 2016 (1 of 3)Eurostat
2016Eurostat Urban 2016 (2 of 3)Eurostat
2016Eurostat Urban 2016 (3 of 3)Eurostat
2016Europe and Central Asia - Urban population as percent of total population 2015Hofinet
2016Europe and Central Asia - Mortgage as a percent of GDP 2015Hofinet
2015Quarterly Review of European Mortgage MarketsEMF
2015Mortgage Consumer Protection in EuropeHans-Joachim Dübel
2015CESEE Bank Lending SurveyLuca Gattini
2015Housing Price and Household Debt Interactions in Sweden Rima A. Turk
2015Does Supply or Demand Drive the Credit Cycle? Evidence from Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe Greetje Everaert
October 30, 2014Data for Global Shadow Banking Monitoring Report 2014Financial Stability Board
2014The Impaired EU Securitization Market: Causes, Roadblocks and How to Deal With ThemEuropean Central Bank and Bank of England
2014HYPOSTAT 2014: A Review of Europe's Mortgage and Housing MarketsEMF
2014Household Risk Management and Actual Mortgage Choice in the Euro AreaMichael Ehrmann and Michael Ziegelmeyer
2014Directives on Credit Agreements for Consumers Relating to Residential Immovable PropertyEuropean Parliament and the Council of the European Union
2014The Impaired EU Securitisation Market: Causes, Roadblocks and How to Deal with themEuropean Central Bank and Bank of England
2014Is Europe Overbanked?Reports of the Advisory Scientific Committee
2014Monitoring the European CDS Market through networks: Implications for contagion risks Laurent Clerc
March 2013Help to Buy: Mortgage Guaranty Scheme OutlineHM Treasury
2013Financial Stability ReportBanca D'Italia
2013Social Rental Housing in FranceMichel Amzallag
2013Creditor Participation in Banking Crisis in the Eurozone – A Corner Turned?Hans-Joachim Dübel
2013The Driving Force Behind the Boom and Bust in Construction in EuropeYan Sun
2013Residential Property Prices in Central, Eastern and Southeastern European Countries: The Role of Fundamentals and Transition-Specific FactorsDuy T. Huynh- Olesen
2013Fragmentation and Monetary Policy in the Euro AreaAli Al-Eyd
2013Note Comprehensive AssessmentEuropean Central Bank
2013House Price Cycles in EuropeStefano Corradin
2013Housing Review 2013 on 23 Countries in the Europe and Central Asia RegionWolfgang Amann
2013Is Housing Turning Into a Headache for European NationsWolfgang Amann
2013Implications of Housing Privatization for EuropeWolfgang Amann
May 2012Danish Covered Bond HandbookDanske Markets
2012Macroprudential Policies and Housing Prices— A New Database and Empirical Evidence for Central, Eastern, Southeastern EuropeJérôme Vandenbussche
2012High-Level Expert Group on Reforming the Structure of the EU Banking SectorErkki Liikanen
2012House Price Responsiveness of Housing Investments Across Major European EconomiesLuca Gattini, Ioannis Ganoulis
2012Recent developments in mortgage lending in the EU and some tentative reflections on its positioning in the financial structurJesper Berg
2012Quarterly Review of European Mortgage MarketsEMF
2012European Covered Bond Fact BookEuropean Covered Bond Council
2012Comparative overview of covered bond frameworks in EuropeCristina Costa and Jennifer Levy
2012Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on credit agreements relating to residential propertyCouncil of the European Union
2012Central and Eastern European Market RegulationHans-Joachim Dübel
2011A New Mortgage Credit Regime for Europe Setting the Right PrioritiesHans-Joachim (Achim) Dübel & Marc Rothemund
2011What level of harmonisation for EU mortgage credit markets?Karel Lannoo
2011International Capital Flows and House Prices: Theory and EvidenceJack Favilukis
2011European Banking Authority 2011 EU-Wide Stress Test Aggregate ReportEuropean Banking Authority (EBA)
2011Le logement social pour qui ?
2011Directive on credit agreements relating to residential property Impact Assessment (Accompanying document)European Commission
2011Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on Credit Agreements Relating to Residential PropertyEuropean Commission
2010Social Rental Housing In FranceMichel Amzallag and Claude Taffin
2010Early Repayment and Rate Adjustment/Reset in EuropeHans-Joachim Dübel
2010European Financial Linkages: A New Look at ImbalancesClaire Waysand, Kevin Ross, John de Guzman
2010Mortgage Finance in Central and Eastern Europe: Opportunity or Burden?Thorsten Beck, Katie Kibuuka, Erwin Tiongson
2010Regulation of Foreign Currency Mortgage Loans: The Case of Transition Countries in Central and Eastern Europe Hans-Joachim (Achim) Dübel and Simon Walley
2010The Impact of a Maximum Loan-to-Value Ratio on Borrowers' ExpendituresAlbina Soultanaeva and Anders Nordberg
2010A Bird's Eye View of OECD Housing MarketsChristophe André
2010Housing Statistics in the European Union 2010OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment
2010House Price Determinants in Selected Countries of the Former Soviet UnionVahram Stepanyan
2009Study on the costs and benefits of the different policy options for mortgage creditLondon Economics
2009Study on the Costs and Benefits of the Different Policy Options for Mortgage CreditLondon Economics and Hans-Joachim (Achim) Dübel
2009Bridging the Gap Between Social and Market Rented Housing in Six European Countries?Marietta Haffner, Joris Hoekstra, Michael Oxley, Harry van der Heijden
2009Financing Social Housing After the Economic CrisisThe CECODHAS Seminar
2009Housing Finance in The Euro Area: Structural Issues ReportEuropean Central Bank
2008The structure of European mortgage marketsAndreas Hess
2008Essential Features of Covered BondsEuropean Covered Bond Council
2008Covered Bonds in the EU Financial SystemEuropean Central Bank
2008House Price Developments in Europe: A ComparisonPaul Hilbers, Alexander W. Hoffmaister, Angana Banerji, and Haiyan Shi
2007ERA Europe Market Survey 2006 / 2007ERA Esurope
2007Social Housing in EuropeChristine Whitehead, Kathleen Scanlon
2007Housing Finance Markets in Transition EconomicsShigehiro Shinozaki
2007European Mortgage Markets–2006 Adjusted Price AnalysisMercer Oliver Wyman and European Mortgage Federation
2006Central Asia Housing Gap Analysis (English)International Finance Corporation
2006Central Asia Housing Gap Analysis (Russian)International Finance Corporation
2006Rental Choice and Housing Policy Realignment in Transition: Post-privatization Challenges in the Europe and Central Asia RegionHans Joachim Dübel, W. Jan Brzeski, Ellen Hamilton
2006Foreign Mortgage Structures: descriptions of selected countries' housing lending marketsEuropean Commision
2006Housing Statistics in the European Union 2005/2006Ministry of Infrastructure of the Italian Republic
2005Housing Finance: New and Old Models in Central Europe, Russia, and KazakhstanEdited by József Hegedüs and Raymond J. Struyk
2005The Private Housing Market in Eastern Europe and the CISJose Palacin, Robert C. Shelburne
2005European Mortgage Markets - Macro implications of structural idiosyncrasyHans-Joachim Dübel
2005European Mortgage Markets in a Changing EnvironmentSimon Walley
2004International Trends in Housing Tenure and Mortgage FinanceKathleen Scanlon and Christine Whitehead
2004Mortgage Lending in KazakhstanMaiko Sagindykova
2000Commission Notice on the Application of Articles 87 and 88 of the EC Treaty to State Aid in the Form of GuaranteesEuropean Commission
2000Housing Statistics in the European Union 2000M.E.A. Haffner
1999The Transition in Housing Finance: In Central Europe and Russia: 1989 - 1999Douglas B. Diamond
1996The Housing Finance in Transition Economies: The Early Years in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet UnionBertrand M. Renaud
A Study on the Consistency Between Housing and Urban Planning PoliciesN. Kosareva
Europe May Provide Lessons on Preventing Mortgage DefaultsJuan Carlos Hatchondo, Leonardo Martinez and Juan M. Sánchez
Q3 2013Bank Capital and Liquidity, Safeguarding Stability Marc Fang, Damian Harland and Dan Nixon
Insolvency and Enforcement Reforms in ItalyJase Garrido
Feburary 2016Commentary: UK Housing Market: Problems and PoliciesAngus Armstrong
Europe and Central Asia - Urban pop vs. mortgages 2015Hofinet
Europe and Central Asia - Real GDP percent change 2015Hofinet
Europe and Central Asia - Mortgage vs. real GDP change 2015Hofinet
Europe and Central Asia - Mortgage vs. GDP per capita 2015Hofinet
Hypostat 2018European Mortgage Federation
Housing, Mobility and Welfare in the European UnionGabriela Inchauste, Jonathan Karver, Yeon Soo Kim, Mohamed Abdel Jelil
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