The Housing Finance Sector data for Spain extends back to 2002. Please click on the Research Center tab above to access data for previous years not shown.

Spain: Statistical Data At-A-Glance
Total population46.72 million2018WDI
Urban population (% of total)80.32% of total2018WDI
GDP, current prices (U.S. dollars)1,437,047 USD (millions)2018WEO
GDP based on PPP per capita GDP (Current international dollar)40,371.22 USD 2018WEO
Inflation, end of period consumer prices (Percent change)2.17%2018WEO
Average bank deposit rate.1%2018Bank of Spain
Lending rate4.2%2016IFS
Owner-occupied units76.74% of total2018National Institute of Statistics
Total amount of home mortgage loans outstanding at the end of year in millions of USD:564,144.6 USD (millions)2018Bank of Spain
Total amount of home mortgage loans outstanding at the end of year as % of GDP (current)40.83%2018Bank of Spain
Total # of home mortgage loans outstanding at the end of yearNot available2017
Typical LTV at origination802018Country Editor
Retail funding (deposits/other)primary2018Country Editor, IMF
Funding through mortgage bonds secondary2018Country Editor
Funding through securitization of mortgagestertiary2018Country Editor
Typical number of days needed for the transfer of title132018WDI

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Asociación Hipotecaria Española (AHE)

The Spanish Mortgage Association (Asociación Hipotecaria Española, AHE) is an organisation made up of banks, savings banks, cooperatives and credit financial institutions which have a major presence on the mortgage market. The members of the Association hold approximately 80% of the mortgage loan market. The Association also provides a source of statistical information, which it updates regularly, on subjects related to the mortgage market, including interest rates and reference indexes, and also credit operations and issues of deeds. Its aim in this respect is to provide more in-depth knowledge of this market.